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Honorlock Google Chrome Extension Error

Troubleshoot Honorlock error: “This item has been disabled in Chrome”

If you run into difficulties launching Honorlock, it is possible that another browser extension is blocking the Honorlock extension. If this occurs, you will likely see the error message, “This item has been disabled in Chrome” when attempting to launch Honorlock.

To use the Honorlock extension, you will need to temporarily disable the other browser extensions that are causing the conflict.

To manage your Chrome browser extensions:

    1. Click the Chrome browser menu icon (the “three dots” in the upper-right corner).
    2. Expand the More tools sub-menu.
    3. Click Extensions.
    4. You will see a tiled list of extensions that have been added to your chrome browser (you may need to scroll down to see the full list).
    5. Honorlock1


      Before you can enable the Honorlock Chrome Extension, you will first need to disable the extension that is preventing it from working.
      If you use a different test proctoring tool for one of your other courses, its Chrome extension is most likely the one that is causing the conflict. Other types of extensions may cause the conflict as well, but often this error is caused by a conflict with another test proctoring extension.

    6. Click on the blue slider switch to deactivate the extension that is causing the conflict. Note- It could be any other extension potentially, but likely the one that has a name of another proctoring sofware such as ProctorU.
    7. Note: If you are not able to identify one extension that might be causing the problem, you can deactivate multiple extension by clicking on their blue slider switches. When the extension causing the issue is disabled, you should be able to enable the Honorlock extension.

    8. When Honorlock is successfully enabled (the slider switch should be blue) you can close the Extensions tab and proceed with your exam.
    9. After you have finished your exam, you may wish to repeat steps 1-4 and re-enable the browser extensions that you turned off during the exam.
      Use the Honorlock support link if you experience this issue and require assistance:

Last edited on March 1, 2022