These QuickStart Guides allow you to quickly accomplish technology related tasks.

Build a Website Using UStoreFiles & MyWeb

A great way to start a small website, for projects or to practice having an online presence (for resume, contact Info, etc) is to use the USF UStoreFiles drive in combination with the MyWeb web service to act as a a host.

Common Issues with Printing (USF St. Petersburg Library)

There are some commonly encountered issues that occur with the free black & white laserjet printing is available in the library Information Commons. Students may obtain $2.50 of free prints (22 prints per student) from this printer per day, using their NetID and ID Card. Error with Paper Size This error occurs because the document [...]

Free File Storage with UStore

UStoreFiles is the central file storage location at USF for students. Using their NetID, students have access to a centralized file storage system that is also used by MyWeb, the Application Gateway, and CIRCE. You can access UStoreFiles from off-campus by using the USF Virtual Private Network (VPN) and mapping the drive to your computer. [...]

Free Scanning to Email in the Library

The USF St. Petersburg Library allows enrolled students the ability to scan from a physical document and send to a USF email address. Please Note: 8mb maximum file size, mail.usf.edu account required, all files sent will be in PDF File format. Locate the 1st Floor Color Printer. If scanning standard 8.5 X 11 pages, insert [...]

How to connect your computer to EduRoam

***You must first connect to an existing network, download or USB drive to install software, and then connect to the EduROAM wireless network *** Turn on laptop and make sure that the wireless card is also powered on via indicator light. Click on the wireless connection icon in the systems tray:  , and select the [...]

Installing SPSS on your personal computer

Go to http://software.usf.edu/ Search for “SPSS 25” in the search bar Click on the “SPSS 25” link Click on the Green “Download” button on the right hand side Choose the install file and the accompanying installation instruction manual for your computer Once it has downloaded double click on the files on the left bottom corner [...]

Library Instruction Classroom Display Usage

These instructions allow users to operate the displays in the POY 218 Library Instruction Classroom.

Passwords and Passphrases

The Next Step in Better Securing Your Account What is a password? What most people refer to as a password is typically composed of about 10 letters, numbers or symbols, or a combination of letter, numbers and symbols. Some examples of passwords are: “8c?0E,*J!qI/”, “yourname”, “P@55w0rd”.   What is a passphrase? A passphrase is longer [...]

Phishing: How to Avoid Taking the Bait

What is Phishing Phishing is most commonly done through “spoof” links sent in email messages that attempt to direct users to websites that strikingly resemble sites with which they are familiar. A common phishing technique might be to email you from an email address similar to your bank or your place of work. Next the [...]

Printing @ USF Libraries

A joint effort including the USF Libraries, Student Government and USF Information Technology provides students a daily allotment to be used for printing through BullBucks printers at each USF Libraries location. A Free daily amount per student is the base for free printing, the daily allotment can be printed using Bull Bucks funding on your [...]

Protecting against Malware Attacks

While there are no simple solutions to the threat of Ransomware, these five steps may help protect your accounts and make it harder for attackers to gain access to your data, and limit the power of the attacker even should their attack succeed.

Registering Laptops to USF Wireless Network

Guide to Wireless Networks The wireless network allows easy access for currently enrolled students to library catalogs, databases and the Internet through one of three wireless networks, USF, USF-GOLD, or EDUROAM. USF standard requires registration through a NetID account. EDUROAM is an secure network across multiple member institutions, including USF and USF St. Petersburg. Students [...]

Smarthinking Online Tutoring

Smarthinking is an online tutoring service available for all USF system students. Students should utilize the Sembler Student Success Center for free tutoring before using it.

Student Access to the USF VPN

Currently enrolled students may download a client in order to access the USF Virtual Private Network (VPN). The reason this is important is that it establishes your computer as being located ‘on site’ for accessing items that are restricted to USF Students, such as the USF Application Gateway, and to see full listings for USF [...]

USF ID Card Issue Flow Chart

If a NetID is not working at a particular location to access through a card swipe, you can contact various departments to address the issue.

Using the Maintenance Account on Laptops for Extended Use

Through a jointly funded effort to help student connect to online materials, Students can check out laptops to take away from campus for extended periods, not more than one semester. These laptops are configured with a basic account that logs in by default when the computer is powered on from being completely off. Once logged [...]

Using USF St. Petersburg campus Virtual Computer Labs

The USF St. Petersburg Virtual Computer Labs are available either through a USF St. Petersburg open-use lab, such as the USF St. Petersburg Library Information Commons. Also, they are available offsite by first connecting to the USF VPN, downloading a client, and then using the Horizon View client to connect to the labs. Onsite locations [...]

Last edited on September 3, 2020