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Using TEAMS Phones in the Library

Microsoft Teams-based telephony services have been implemented throughout the USF Libraries, this document is to help guide you with setting up your phone, adding accessories, and reminders on services. . Some extra instructional material can be found on the IT website: Teams Calling – USF IT Documentation – Confluence ( A Note on TEAMS Default [...]

Computing Security

This grouping of appguides quickstarts are collected here to help you easily learn how to keep yourself safe while on email and the Internet. Topics include RansomWare, Phishing, Email SPAM and Quarantine use, and more.

Outlook Quarantine and SPAM Control Basics

Managing Outlook Tools to Fight SPAM The Microsoft Email Quarantine The quarantine for Microsoft is part of the Security Center ( HomePage at  ). The quarantine is found at where you can review items that have met the criteria to be marked by their anti-SPAM policy, or their anti-phishing policy.  For each message [...]

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Box Usage Guide: Full Document Index

Description The Box Guide for USF Libraries Departments is a handy instructional document to outline specific usage suggestions and helpful checklists to assure the proper ownership of project data. A PDF full version is available for download, with an index of the contents. Download the Full PDF Box Usage Guide for USF Libraries Departments  (PDF) [...]

Box Usage Guide: Collaborator Permissions Table

A listing of Collaborator Permissions for safely applying Waterfall permissions to folders and files.

Reset Browser Settings to Default

There are times when a preference is difficult to find in the settings, or when you suspect that settings, apps, or extensions have been altered by a virus or bloatware, spyware or a phishing attack.  To reset all settings of the browser, choose the browser below and follow the instructions. Google Chrome (WINDOWS)  Note:  Your [...]

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