Printing @ USF Libraries

A joint effort including the USF Libraries, Student Government and USF Information Technology provides students a daily allotment to be used for printing through BullBucks printers at each USF Libraries location. A Free daily amount per student is the base for free printing, the daily allotment can be printed using Bull Bucks funding on your USF Card. Additional prints are pay-for-print using the student’s Bull Bucks balance on the USFCard.

For more information on other USF locations, and information on the Pharos system and the USF Print Shop, please visit USF IT Documentation: Printing on Campus.

Installation Instructions

Printer Drivers

USF Libraries Locations

Locations spanning four campus libraries are conveniently spaced to enable printing. Options include scanning, printing and copying.

  • Students can use their free prints allocations for copies at all of the locations unless otherwise noted.
  • Students can print from their personal computers.
  • Students can print via email attachment.
  • Students can print to the free print locations from within the USF Application Gateway.
  • Students can continue to print using Bull Bucks (cash balance on USFCard) once their daily free prints allocation is reached.
  • Black & White printing is only 11 cents per page.
  • Color printing is 22 cents per page.

Print Locations

USF Tampa USF St. Petersburg USF Sarasota Manatee USF Health
Library 1st Floor Nelson Poynter Memorial Library (POY)DAV 107 Success Center Information Commons, C203 Shimburg Health Sciences Library

Large-format printer locations

LIB Tampa LIbrary Computer Lab (First Floor)
Shimberg Health Sciences Library
Marshall Center SG Computer Lab (1st & 2nd Floors)

Students are able to print via email from their personal devices directly to a USF printer. (limited file types).

How to Print to a Pharos Printer

There are two options for printing.

  • Email an attachment
  • Installation package on computer

Email an attachment:

  1. From your USF email address send attachment to:
    1. BWPrint@usf.edu for Black and White prints
    2. ColorPrint@usf.edu for Color prints
  2. Go to any Pharos printer, swipe USF ID card to release the print.

Limited file types

These file types can be printed:
Microsoft® Word
Microsoft® Excel
Microsoft® PowerPoint
Microsoft® Visio
Microsoft® Outlook
Comma Separated Values
Adobe Portable Document Format
Rich Text Format
Text files
Image formats
.doc | .docx   | .dot
.xls | .xlt |   .xlsx | .xltx | .xltm | .xlsm
.ppt | .pptx   | .pptm |.pot |.pps |.potx | .ppsx
.vsd | .vss |   .vst | .vdx | .vsx | .vtx |  .vdw
.msg | .eml
.odt | .ods |   .ott | .odp
.jpg | .jpeg   | .gif | .png | .bmp

Installation package on computer:

To print from your computer to a USF printer without emailing an attachment, you must first install a printer package to your computer. Choose your installation package from the Printer Installation Packages section. Follow directions on the installation package page.

To print a document follow these steps:

  1. Open the document using the appropriate application.
  2. Print the document choosing the appropriate PHAROS installed printer i.e. USF_Ricoh_Universal

Please visit Bull Bucks to add funds to your USFCard.

Last edited on September 26, 2023